Behind The Scenes | Epping Forest Yacht Club Wedding in Jacksonville, FL

During Grant & Ashley’s wedding at the Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville, FL, the Light Feather videography team (Landon & myself) worked alongside the wedding photography team from Stout Studios. A friend (and frequent 2nd photographer for the Light Feather team!) was in town, and she came up with the idea of creating a documentary “behind the scenes” series of photographs to answer the #1 question most couples have: what is it really like to have a videography team with you on your wedding day? (That night, we jet-set off together to photograph a 2nd wedding in Massachusetts the same weekend – which is a “behind the scenes” story in itself!) Grant & Ashley loved her idea, and were immediately on board to have a “5th wheel”  documenting the LightFeather videography team during their “wedding day experience.” Thankfully, the wedding photographers (Jess & Kara) were also open to the idea!  Enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at the Light Feather team in action, and be sure to check out Grant & Ashley’s final extended-version wedding video!