Ashley & Grant | Epping Forest Yacht Club Wedding Videography in Jacksonville, FL

          Grant and Ashley were married at the Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville, Florida on a (hot!) May day. Our team handled the wedding videography, while Stout Studios photographed the big day. These two love birds were so adorable, and their Extended-Highlight wedding video is one of my absolute favorites to date- complete with epic shots at sunset! 

          I have known Grant since we were little kids. We spent countless nights hanging out on Lake Brooklynn with our families. Over the years I have watched him grow into a handsome devil with a heart of gold. I was so honored when he reached out to me after shortly after announcing his engagement to Ashley!

          On their wedding day. Grant gushed over Ashley all day and told me every reason why he loves her. But what stood out the most was the overwhelming amount of love and support they received from their family and friends. Each person seemed so proud and grateful they were included in such a special moment in their lives.

          Ashley, I hope you know how much I adore your husband, his family, and the pack of weirdos from our hometown. I can not think of a more perfect human being for him. You are so sweet, grounded, and incredibly gorgeous (honestly you both look like models).
          Thank you so much for letting me and my team be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

May God bless you, keep you, and give you his peace.

May 25, 2019