Jacob | Hot Surfer at Black’s Beach in San Diego, CA

Ladies (and gentlemen), prepare yourselves: Jacob went surfing. This hottie took to the waves below the cliffs of Blacks Beach in San Diego, CA during an epic sunset.

Paragliders were sailing by when Jacob pulled up in his badass white Jeep with hand-made boards hanging out the back. He came from work and wanted to catch some waves during the sunset. He threw on a wet suit before scaling the cliffs down to the beach,. The sun was beginning to set by the time we made it down to the water. I waded out as far as I could (holding my Canon 5D Mark IV just a few inches above the water!), but eventually I had to make my way back to shore, where I just sat and enjoyed the view. (I’m referring to the sunset, of course….)

Jacob, you are as kind and sweet as you are fun to look at. Thanks for being such a good sport! (And for your formal permission to completely objectify you and your crazy surfer-dude body.)
To everyone reading this blog: you’re welcome 😏


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