Marie & Jill | Hyland Orchard & Farm Wedding in Sturbridge, MA

Marie & Jill’s 2019 wedding took place at Hyland Orchard, an 150 acre farm known for its apple orchard, historic 1940’s barn, and of course, its custom brewery! Their entire wedding day was filled with sweetly unique DIY touches, and their reception was a blast, with fun & funky activities for everyone. (Think: s’mores! curious goats! bonfires!)

They were married atop a hill overlooking the farm and orchard below, while surrounded by family and friends – who laughed as much as they cried! But that’s what truly stood out the most during Marie Jill’s wedding day: the overall feeling of love, joy, and excitement shared by everyone present. I feel honored that I was given the opportunity to photograph the marriage of these two amazing women!

hyland farm sturbridge wedding vows